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( Nov. 13th, 2009 03:44 pm)
It's strange how characters choose their own paths and pasts.

I was just thinking that today. Yesterday, I wrote something that just almost wrote itself. I know how we talk about the characters speaking to us and how stories write themselves but it's true. Embarrassing as it is to admit it, when something turns out well, I always feel that I'm not responsible for it. The characters are. Of course it's not mutual. If it goes spectacularly badly and all sorts of wrong, I'm sure that's 100% MY fault. :D

I write on instinct and when something doesn't "feel" right, that means it isn't. If I don't hear the voices right, I'm obviously not listening closely enough or I'm too distracted. Of course sometimes I'm spectacularly wrong which isn't much fun but chalk it up to a learning experience and move on! :D

Any way, I was just thinking along those lines for some reason but now, gotta get back to the insane idea of doing two wrimo challenges. This is about the time of day I'm usually hit with today's M7 idea. Haven't a clue but, yeah, I'm sure they'll pick their own path as usual. At least I hope they will! :D
It's weird how the most unconnected, disjointed thing can spark ideas.

Today I was watching a show called Overhaulin' where they "steal" peoples' cars and sort of remodel them, pranking them during the job. They were doing the reveal to the "victim" and she was so excited that she'd been chosen for the show, which she said her husband had complained that they didn't do that to real people, she ran over and slammed into the young, attractive man who hosts it and hugged him tight. He grinned and said, "Yeah, baby" jokingly and my first thought was: Man, I bet Chris Jacobs smells good."

Then I started thinking about how my favorite characters would smell. Boy, do I feel weird saying that! :D

Then later she told her husband that she would never be able to repay him for doing that for her and he grinned and said, "I can think of a couple of things." I immediately thought, "The words blow job come to mind..."

What is wrong with me??? o.o
When I was young and had a high school writing class, it was a question the other kids would ask me when I had to share my writings. I'd heard that question since I was little and it seemed kind of dumb to me for them to ask it. I don't know. They just...come...ambush you when you're not even expecting it even. I never knew what to say. It got so I wanted to say "How come YOU don't get these ideas? Or even ANY ideas?"

A few years ago, there was a commercial with M. Night Shyamalan where he was in a restaurant, if I remember right, and the very ordinary people there began to become very UNordinary. I jumped up from my chair and said, "That's what I do!"

Well, after my family laughed at me, I sat back down and realized that it's a good thing, not a bad one. Useful, even.

So writing's a stew. Everything that happens during a day (or night) is prime to be added as an ingredient! Hear an interesting song: into the pot with ye! Someone interesting walks by, their stunning eyes go into your main character's head. A laugh you hear. A movie you watch. Yup. Yummy spices.

So, anyway, now you throw all that in the pot and it's simmering and bubbling and the aroma fills the whole house. But sometimes when you taste it, you wonder what happened. You used the same kind of spices and vegetables and everything but it's not the same. It's different. At times it's a bad kinda different. Others it's a good kinda different and you wonder just what it was about it that you did. More of something? A bigger onion than usual? More water? You just never know. All the threads of taste somehow joined together into a whole that didn't carry any of the flavors of the parts. It also depends on what you're hungry for. If you really wanted stew and it turned out that what you got was soup, that can be pretty disappointing. If you'd had a late lunch, this stew might be way to filling.

Yup. Dumb metaphor but it does kind of work.

Writing is fun and for your own pleasure sometimes but other times, it turns out to just be something you have to do at the end of the day because of the whole man cannot eat by bread alone conundrum. You never know when you're going to be just going through the motions when some new song comes on from your playlist and give you the missing spice you thought would never show up.

Where'd I get that idea from? I blame the cooking that goes on inside my head without my even being aware that my mischievous muse put on his follow-the-leader-apron and tall chef's hat. I sort of scent at the aroma but it's too far away to really tell what's cooking. Until he serves it up, I have no idea how it's going to taste. And even then, most times, it tastes better the next day! :D

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( Jul. 9th, 2009 01:30 pm)
A pretty picture drawn and custom colored by my daughter. :D

Where's Waldo? Forget that! Where's my wayward muse? I am getting tired of getting only small, dogeared postcards from the edge stained with who knows what. Anyone seen a blond, green-eyed pretty boy who's about six feet tall with a good build? He usually has a dumb, shit-eating grin on his face and gravitates toward other men who have a propensity to get into trouble. Likes weapons of all sorts and sizes and tends to talk about Vahalla or The Hall of the Fallen, things like that. I start writing what he gives me and then boom! he's off again and I don't know what happens next so I'm left with intriguing ideas and the salt-water scented breeze of his passing through.

Halp! If you see him or he's hanging around in the muse lounge with your own muse, pretty please to be sending him back home? Thanks! :D
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( May. 21st, 2009 01:53 am)
My first post. Yay!

Thanks, ms_artisan for the invite code!

Oh, and my icon was made by my daughter from graphics on a set of stationery which EJ had sent me! I love the way it turned out with the ancient wolf in front of the ancient boar. Totally my daughter's idea to put them over one another and it turned out pretty well I think!

Well, I've been sooo busy lately, I've barely even started up my computer!

I spent around five days visiting my Mother down in Delaware because it's the time of year between Mother's Day and her birthday so it's sort of a tradition for us. It was beautiful weather and it was relaxing but there was no internet access so I've spent the day trying to catch up.

Catching up isn't going all that well, though, because this year I have one daughter having her graduation ceremony this evening and my son graduating from high school in June. Then tomorrow, my daughter is having visitors come in for a week. They are staying at a nearby hotel but my daughter has offered my services as a chauffer! LOL

Anyway, I am still researching SEALs and other special forces by reading tons of books from the library. It's just so fascinating that I can't seem to get enough. :D

Right now I'm reading a book called Warrior Soul: The Memoir of a Navy SEAL and, from the blurb about the author, found out the author also wrote the screenplay to the Michael Biehn movie Navy SEALs. So an added plus. The fun part is that the author's handle was "Bad Karma" which was the handle used by Michael Biehn's character. Double :D.

Anyway, the ideas are coming along for the new SEAL AU slowly but surely so I hope to begin writing soon. Got some new ideas about JD which are only half-formed right now but hopefully will harden soon. (honestly not a sexual innuendo pun!)

So the next few days are going to be pretty busy and, with the computer now always a bit dark over the left half of the screen, I may not be online much.

Hope everyone is doing well!